About Jeremy and this Blog

To those who have already subscribed, Thanks!  I had placed Loving Jesus on this page as a placeholder last November with the hopes of making posts on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  Because of illness in my family, I was unable to proceed for some time on with that plan, but hopefully now will be able to begin regularly adding posts.  I will also be working to add moderated comments to these pages as time allows.

My name is Jeremy and I am a follower of Jesus.  I placed my life and my eternity in Jesus’ hands at age 12, and I’ve been doing this following thing for about forty years now, at sometimes better than at others.  Over that time, I’ve seen the American Church reinvent itself several times, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it give Jesus permission to invent it in His image.  My hope with what is published here is to create a dialogue within God’s people – not particularly about how we solve our problems so much as about how we return to asking God what He actually wants us to be, and becoming that.

My life verse is Jeremiah 29:12-13.

If you are interested in contributing, or would just like to talk, or want to find out more about me, you can email me at: